Welcome to the OneLove Tribe ~ Light Tribe ~ Family of Light


The Time Is Now!


Profound times of great awakening and transformation on every level ~ personal, society, systems, world, Gaia… the end of an age of fear and separation… as we move into an age of Love and Unity… OneLove


The Time Is Now!


To meet, connect and unite with like-hearted friends, gather together in groups with common intention and also for groups to connect and unite together becoming a movement to awaken and elevate consciousness


~ the OneLove Movement ~



This OneLove Portal is


~ a spiritual community indiscriminately encompassing all backgrounds, ages, faiths, etc.


~ networking Groups and Light Beings practicing, inspiring, generating, expressing and experiencing Love and Unity ~ OneLove


~ where anyone can easily find other like~hearted groups and  beings and and find out what”s on…


~ a way of networking and communicating with each other outside the systems provided by corporations – systems which could be changed for the worse any day with disasterous effect on the OneLove Movement…


If you would like to support OneLove please network with your like-hearted friends…


Let us gather together in these times of great awakening…


we are the ones we have been waiting for!


The Time Is Now!


Shine On