Love Happens
In every moment Love Happens, in a sunset, watching brother sun reflecting off the water…

In the quiet, in the humdrum, in the chaos, Love is still happening…

Love is and Love you are, wherever you are. But if ever you forget. We’re here to help.

Love Happens is a monthly project focusing on different forms of Meditation, cos different approaches float some boats and sink others, all depending on your dear sacred self. This is particularly so when it comes to Heart Meditations, but Sound and Music have a particularly special role in activating our heart’s awareness, so frequencies act like sound keys that unlock the door to our heart and its consciousness.

The Heart has intelligence, independently yet working symphonically with the mind, many Star Nations from Venus to the Seven Sisters, to Arcturus have been saying this for decades now, particularly the Hathor’s from Venus. The Hathors are higher dimensional beings and Ambassadors of ageless Heart wisdom. The longest Journey we ever take is from the Head to the Heart. So if that is the path you want to take, come Journey with us!

Heart Teachings with the Hathors and others from all time frames and dimensions

Group Heart Meditation and Blessing

Healing Share (all healing modalities welcome)

Social and Active Listening (co-counselling)

If you want to get involved, don’t just sit there, click something!

To find out more about Resonant Residents and other related events please go to Passing Clouds Cosmic Connections Group at: 07724042158 Any queries please get in touch.

“In Truth giving and receiving are the same thing” A Course in Miracles.